“Earth’s sigh of relief as green and blue replace black”

This is the post excerpt.


I posted the headline on twitter on the April day in 2017 when Britain went without coal for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, That was not long after Scottish Renewables Annual Conference during which I learnt that BT was in the top 10 of the greenest companies in the world (!) and watched Chris Stark deliver the Scottish Governments Energy Strategy . Placing energy at the heart of the Scottish economy and linking it to a new Climate Change Act is hugely ambitious and, I believe visionary. The generation of electricity in Scotland is largely decarbonised – thanks in no small part to the activities of one Margaret Thatcher – but the real challenges in heat, transport, storage, a distributed energy generation system, new look utilities, empowered communities owning or part owning generation, and more, all lie ahead.

How do we deliver against these ambitions and challenges?

There are excellent agencies, advisory groups, funds, guides, examples and more out there – but there are still gaps.

We need to use the ambition central to the policy, SMEs, communities, agencies, funds, technology developers, project developers & investors to create the economic activity that anchors the decarbonisation of the economy into everyday life.

………….. above all we need to debunk those who deny climate change and join with those that recognise the real threat it poses ……..  

………thoughts from Deja Blue


Author: dejablueblog

I am driven by, and passionate about, turning policy drivers into real projects through strategic planning whilst delivering financial returns, jobs, energy security and growth and a strong believer in the power of the right money in the right businesses/projects at the right time to deliver maximum return.

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